There is truly no better place to wrap up the weekend with friends and family than downtown. Sundays in Detroit are bustling with sporting events, culinary experiences, and gorgeous river walks. Park Rite offers flexible parking options every day of the week near the city’s most popular spots. Read our latest post to discover the best places to park in Detroit on a Sunday.

Detroit Lions game parking

The city comes alive on football Sundays. Nothing energizes downtown more than a Lions’ victory, and everyone wants more of those, but we digress. Detroit gets heavily congested on game days. Don’t overlook convenient surface lots out of safety concerns. You can rely on Park Rite’s tremendous reputation for the past 50 years to know your vehicle will be secure. We recommend checking out parking at 440 Madison Street for the next game.

Park near Detroit’s favorite Sunday lunch spot

Detroit is known all over the country for its Coney dogs, specifically from renowned establishments Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island. Located directly across the street from each other, these diners have maintained a Coney dog rivalry for the better part of a century. Park next door at 201 Michigan Avenue to settle the dispute for yourself.

Find Detroit Opera House parking on a Sunday

Nationally acclaimed architect C. Howard Crane designed this historic building. Once inside, its grand décor will transport you to early-twentieth-century Europe while you revel in the latest Broadway show or concert. Complete the luxurious experience by valeting your vehicle at the Element Detroit at the Metropolitan.

Greektown Casino Sunday parking

Are you feeling lucky? Greektown Casino is known for its table games, unforgettable performances, posh hotel, and five-star dining. Sundays can get pretty busy at the casino; utilize Park Rite’s parking reservations to book your space ahead of time. Hassle-free, no surprise costs, just pull up, park and go!

Best Sunday parking for Campus Martius

Campus Martius is an all-season destination surrounded by popular shops and trendy restaurants. During winter, this park boasts a beloved ice-skating rink. It is converted into an amazing beach for the summer, complete with sand, tropical cocktails, and lounge chairs. Park at 150 Michigan Avenue to be near all the action.

Park Rite offers safe and convenient options for parking in Detroit on a Sunday. Check out the map below to view all of our locations.