Detroit is a big city. All throughout the year there is plenty to do for people of all ages, anywhere. The city has blossomed into a destination for people who live in the region, as well as those who come in from out of town and want to experience the sights and sounds for themselves.

No matter who you are, there is plenty to do in a city of such size and scope. You can visit Campus Martius, especially in the summer and winter months, to find different seasonal activities and entertainment. The Detroit Institute of Arts is always a wonder to all, with various exhibits portraying how art and culture have continually helped define the city of Detroit for generations. Four different professional sports teams call Detroit home, playing year-round while their arenas and stadiums are all in the vicinity for easy traveling and walkability. The restaurant scene has become quite notorious, with innumerable eateries located throughout the city, offering different types of fare for different people. It’s quite difficult to visit Detroit and not find something great in the edible department.

Other activities include seeing shows or concerts at the Fillmore, Fox Theater, The Majestic or Saint Andrews Hall; trusting your luck at any of the city’s casinos; or spending hours at Eastern Market, be it for a Detroit Lions tailgate or just to purchase items from local growers and artists.

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