The days of having plans in another town and worrying about departure times and places to park your car are long gone. That’s due to advancements in technology, coupled with companies who are working together to ease the traveling process for people near and far.

Park Rite services millions of cars annually at about 60 locations. But as the world turns, we want our customers to understand that we care deeply about their ease of use. In a technology-driven world, we want them to be on the frontlines of having such technology at their fingertips. And when it comes to reserving parking spaces in a pinch, we have you covered.

Park Rite has partnered with ParkWhiz to give our customers what they want: reliability and fewer headaches. These digital resources are as simple as they sound: Users can search parking spaces located near their intended destinations. By comparing prices and identifying preferences, such as when they need the space available and at what cost, a few easy clicks will reserve a space.

Benefits of e-reservations

The benefits with e-reservations in this day and age are plentiful.

First, it’s almost the literal definition of “hassle free.” It’s the 21st century and people are traveling about in record amounts. Life seems continually hectic, so the last thing someone wants to do is worry about the more trivial parts, which includes finding a good parking space — a spot that others from all over want just as much as you.

Being able to compare and contrast costs means savings for you, the customer, in the long run. People are able to see costs of just about everything else in general society, and parking should be part of that list. Rather than wondering how much money you need for parking, or worrying about spending too much, the information is all readily available to you before you even get in your vehicle to travel to a destination. It’s easy, it’s fair and it makes a world of difference.

Finally, it’s fast. Once you actually reserve the spot, you can forget fighting with other vehicles over spots and just focus on making it to the destination. Once you arrive, there’s no hardship. You locate the space you reserved, park without an issue, and get on with your life.

Reserve parking now

You can reserve your space today by visiting ParkWhiz on desktop or mobile: