Michigan-based Park Rite, in partnership with NextEnergy, assumed operations and continued development of The Detroit Smart Parking Lab in Corktown as of November 1, 2022.

What is The Detroit Smart Parking Lab?

The Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) is a unique parking facility serving as the collaboration and testing site for parking-related and mobility innovation. From logistics and efficiency to enhanced safety and EV charging, the DSPL offers a venue to learn about advancements in a real-world setting.

“This is a first-of-its-kind environment and really highlights some incredible partnerships with the sole focus on defining the future of mobility,” said Park Rite’s Owner Nick Aubrey.

The DSPL is a partnership between Bedrock, Bosch, Ford and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). In 2022, $300,000 in state-led grants were distributed, supporting seven startup projects. Today, the DSPL announced an additional $300,000 in grants throughout 2023 under the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform.

Where is The Detroit Smart Parking Lab?

The DSPL operates in Bedrock’s Assembly Garage on W. Lafayette between 10th Street and Rosa Parks Boulevard in Corktown.

1701 W. Lafayette Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48216

Park Rite and NextEnergy Participate in The Future of Mobility

Park Rite partnered with NextEnergy to jointly assume operations of, and business development for, the lab. Participating in ongoing efforts to identify projects and emerging technologies that can be tested in the lab for broader future deployment, the companies look forward to collaborating with other organizations to discover what lies ahead.

“We want to support an innovative ecosystem and keep Detroit at the forefront of mobility advancements. The opportunities are endless,” said Park Rite’s CEO Kevin Bopp.

A leading provider of parking management and valet solutions, Park Rite is a family-owned-and-operated company with 45 years of industry experience. From parking asset management and lot leasing to valet services and connected technology solutions, Park Rite is one of the few providers that offers solutions for all parking assets and other connected services. To learn more, visit Park Rite’s website. 

NextEnergy works with a variety of industry partners to commercialize innovative new technologies, helping them to transform those ideas into solutions that will create a better quality of life for all. Based in the center of Detroit’s growing innovation district with access to a microgrid, smart home, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and an alternative fuels platform, NextEnergy demonstrates and pilots technologies in real-world environments to gather data and diverse user-experiences.

Image Courtesy of Ford Media