Park Rite is now using what3words to help you find our Detroit locations more easily.  

For businesses similar to ours, being found easily by customers is vitally important, but for some sites, street addresses aren’t always reliable. In some instances, an address points to the middle of a large parking lot/garage or adjacent building, which isn’t very helpful. So, moving forward we are going to guide you to a specific entrance. That’s why we’re using what3words. 3 common words will now identify a specific parking lot/garage driveway entrance, making your experience with Park Rite even easier and more enjoyable.  

What is what3words? 

what3words is a simple and fun way to identify precise locations. Every 10-foot square (in the world!) has been given a unique combination of 3 words. For example, you can find the entrance to our 1468 Randolph Street location by using [///train.awake.hope]in the free what3words app or using Google Maps from their website.  

Learn how it works in this short video: 

Park Rite continues to trailblaze the parking experience. 

You won’t find anything like this in the Midwest, let alone the entire United States. That’s right, we’re the first parking operations company in the US to adopt this technology. And there’s nothing else like it. 

We’re using what3words because we want to make your parking experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. It’s also our mission to be at the forefront of connected parking technologies while making our customers’ lives easier. 

Use 3 words to find your parking today! 

It can be difficult to navigate downtown Detroit. Now, all you need to find your parking location are 3 simple words. We’ve integrated what3words into our Detroit map system so that each location is a snap to find. With this unique addressing system you can identify the exact 10’ x 10’ spot where you’ll enter your desired parking lot/garage.  

How can you use what3words?

  • There’s a free app for both iOS and Android devices.
  • There are Chrome and Firefox extensions which allow you to type what3words directly into Google Maps. 
  • Click the link on any of our parking location pages to visit the what3words website and navigate from there! 

We’re excited to launch this innovative and intuitive way to talk about location! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.