Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, our company and the world as a whole has seen the effects of what a virus can do to debilitate normal society. We move forward with the hope that people will come together for the betterment of humanity.

We’ve brought to fruition a zero contact payment system at all of our Park Rite Detroit locations. First announced in mid-May, this method will not only allow our patrons to continue to practice social distancing, but it will also speed up the payment process for those who utilize all of our parking lots and garages in Detroit.

First of all, the safety of our customers is and always will be the No. 1 priority. Safety mechanisms go beyond close physical contact, too, which is why we streamlined and executed a zero contact system in the first place — which requires no download of a phone app. All details are available on-site with signage at parking locations.

The touch-free parking process is simple: When you arrive at one of our lots, instructions will be posted that tell you how to pay by text. Again, there is no app necessary and physical contact with machinery will be nonexistent. This seamless experience will help prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

We are not only happy but proud to offer our customers easy, safe and reliable parking at all of our locations. This zero contact system shows that business can be maintained in a safe environment while still configuring to aid your parking needs.

If you have any questions regarding safety or how this touch-less system functions, do not hesitate to contact us. And thank you for your patience as we have dealt with COVID-19 and the ramifications of reopening with safety concerns.