It’s a wonderful time of year and winter is beautiful in downtown Detroit.

Whether you visit daily, every few days or even once per week, or reside downtown there is a copious amount of things to do that will keep you or your family busy. Park Rite has you covered.

Our Detroit parking locations run the gamut, ranging from one side of town to the other and satisfying any needs you require and any options you desire.

If you and a group have dinner reservations at one of the city’s many prime eateries, we have a lot nearby that will make it easy — as well as a short walk, when the wind is hitting you in the face and the winter coat doesn’t seem like enough warmth.

For those couples or families looking to ice skate or gallivant around Campus Martius, there are locations and spots galore. The same goes for local concert venues like Saint Andrews Hall, or taking in the sights and sounds at Greektown Casino.

After all, we started in Detroit. Three brothers in 1975 wanted to start and build this company from the ground up, eventually becoming the prominent provider of parking locations and services not just in Detroit but also Royal Oak and extending as far as Ann Arbor.

But we offer something else that nobody else can compete with: monthly parking. Signing up for this great deal is as simple as visiting our website, responding to a few quick questions and then submitting responses. We will get in touch with you, based on your potential parking history with our company and what lot you would like to utilize, and then finding new locations becomes an afterthought.


Park Rite is the finest parking service in Detroit. We are located near all the hot spots to help you focus on what really matters to you and yours.