What a time to be alive, and what a busy time it is for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The proliferation of technology long ago invaded the daily lives of humans, impacting them on a minute-to-minute basis based on how they interpret their worlds — through smartphone screens and TVs, on their computers, and even by way of their vehicles.

Studies conducted this year showed that Americans are in their cars more than ever these days, totaling nearly 20 days’ worth of driving. When you sit in your vehicle for that long, the hours add up before your eyes — whether you realize it or not. Every trip to the grocery store, or to the dry cleaner, or to your favorite restaurant in the city, adds up.

Park Rite is a Detroit institution, offering both residents and out-of-towners with the ability to transform their driving experience. We partnered with a company called FlashParking, which has enhanced our ability to give consumers the best options available in the digital age.

FlashParking combines electronics of the current age with our company, discovering the best options available in terms of parking structures and paved surface lots. It’s an exercise in the next wave of mobility, improving solutions for infrastructure while employing Cloud-based approaches for the procurement of secure and real-time transactions. It’s as simple as logging into a phone app.

This technology is coupled with what Park Rite already offers, which includes monthly parking offers for habitual drivers in particular cities — as well as e-reservations that let you plan ahead before you hit the road.

Park Rite offers parking spaces and valet service at nearly 60 locations in Detroit, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor. We are here for you for all your parking needs.